Global Law Review is a national-level academic law journal published by Law Institute of CASS. The purpose of the journal is to promote comparative study between Chinese and foreign laws and between the laws of different foreign countries, so as to learn their advantages and disadvantages and help legal scholars and practitioners in their choices between different options and understanding of the spirit of law. The Journal attaches equal importance to both marco and systematic comparative study of basic legal theories and mirco comparative study of specific aspects of individual legal system, legal technique, and legal design. It encourages both the analysis of foreign laws from Chinese perspective, and the analysis of Chinese law from the perspective of foreign laws, as well as the analysis of the law of one foreign country from the perspective of the law of another foreign country. In the future, the Journal will, as always, closely follow the development of foreign laws, and translate and introduce important legislation and relevant documents of foreign countries. With the continuous improvement of China's international standing and the growth of China's international influence, the Journal will pay more attention to the study of international law issues.

Global Law Review was initiated in 1962. At that time, it was a restricted publication titled Materials of Law Science and specialized in translation and introduction of foreign laws, mainly Soviet laws. It was closed down during the "Cultural Revolution" but restored in 1979 and renamed Collection of Translation in Law Science. During the 15 years that followed, the Journal had published a large number of translations of foreign legal materials, which had been of great reference value for the legislation, law enforcement, administration of justice, legal supervision, legal education and legal research in China. The Journal was renamed to Translation and Review of Foreign Laws in 1993 and to the current title in 2001.

Today, after 30 years' efforts, Global Law Review has become an Excellent Journal of the CASS, a Core Journal in the Fields of Humanity and Social Sciences in China, a CSSCI Source Journal, and a Core Chinese Language Journal in China.

Global Law Review is a bimonthly publication distributed both in China and abroad. Its overseas distributor is China International Book Trading Corporation (Address: China International Book Trading Corporation 35 Chegongzhuang Xilu, Haidian District, Beijing 100044 China).


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