Strict Protection of Property Rights Is the Basis of Construction of Socialist Market Economy

By Chen Su, Director of CASS Law Institute and a member of the CASS Academic Committee


Abstract: Property rightsare an important element and medium of institutional structure and operational mechanismof the socialist rule of law and the economic system regulated and safeguarded by the socialist rule of law. An important task of socialist rule of law is to scientifically and reasonably construct and smoothly and order implementthe property right system, strictly and forcefully safeguard existing property rights, and lawfully and effectively increase expected property rights.The Communist Party of China (CPC) pointed out at the Fourth Plenary Session of its Nineteenth Central Committee that China will improve the property right protection system based on the principle of fairness.The Opinions of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on Accelerating the Improvement of the Socialist Market Economy in the New Era, issued in May 2020, further stress that Chinawill establish and improve a modern property-right system featuring clear ownership, clearly defined rights and obligations, rigorous protection, and easy transfer.Strict protection of property rights is an inevitable requirement by the strategy of adhering and improvingthe basic socialist economic system and advancing the modernization of the sate governance system and capacity, an inherent demand by the task of improving people’s welfare and further meeting the people’sneed for a better life, and an important objective of the reform of socialist market economic system in a new era. A basic way of improving the property right protection system is to advance the rule of law in a comprehensive way.


This article is published in the newspaper Guangming Daily on June 5, 2020.