Adhering to the Correct Outlook on the COVID-19 Epidemic Based on Spirit of Science and the Rule of Law

By Liu Huawen, Research Fellow and Deputy Director of CASS Institute of International Law

Abstract: Different countries and different scholars may have different understandings and practices of the fight against the COVID-19 Epidemic, butbasically speaking, the success or failure of the campaign against the epidemic depends on whether the method of and approach to the campaign is scientific or not. Legal scholars and judicial workers may also have different understandings of the legal issues relating to the campaign against the epidemic, but basically speaking, the interpretation and application of the relevant laws must be in line with the actual conditions, respect science, and adhere to the spirit of the rule of law. To sum up, China must have a scientific outlook on the fight against the epidemic and related legal issues. Firstly, under the current complicated situation, science and the rule of law are the keys to win the campaign against the epidemic; secondly, establishing a correct outlook on the epidemic is conducive to the proper treatment and response to the epidemic; thirdly, the epidemic is in essence a scientific issue and in the fight against the epidemic, China must adhere to the spirit of science, and respect and follow scientific laws; fourthly, as the country in which the epidemic was first discovered, China has made valuable contributions to the fight against the epidemic and to the protection of the right to life and the right to health; fifthly, attention must be paid in the fight against epidemic to being vigilant against, preventing and eradicating such practices related to the epidemic as stigmatization, discrimination and abuse of litigation rights; and sixthly, the prevention and control of the epidemic is a common undertaking of mankind in the construction of a community of shared future for mankind.


This paper is published in the newspaper Guangming Daily on May 29, 2029, at p.11.