Professor Liu Renwen Interviewed by the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal Contemporary Prosecutor

Recently, on occasion of the 40th anniversary of the promulgation of the first Criminal Law in China, Professor Liu Renwen, Head of the Criminal Law Department of CASS Law Institute, was interviewed by Mr. Zhou Zuoxue, Editor-in-Chief of the periodical Contemporary Prosecutor on a number of issues relating to the Chinese criminal law. In the interview, Professor Liu gave a brief introduction to the background and historical process of the formulation, adoption and promulgation of the 1979 Criminal Law, analyzed the balance and inherent relationship between the punishment of crimes and safeguarding of human rights in the criminal law, the difficulties encountered by China in the prescription of criminal punishment for driving under the influence of narcotic drugs in the Criminal Law, the abolition or reduction of the imposition of the death penalty and its possible impact on the public security situation and the fight against corruption, the role played by people’s procuratorial organs in the implementation of the Criminal Law, and the development path of criminal law science in China. The full text of the interview is published in issue 7 (2019) of the journal Contemporary Prosecutor.