Dr. Liu Chenqi Attends the Clinic Legal Education Conference in 2019


The Annual Conference of the Legal Education Research Committee of China Law Society and the Annual Forum of China Clinic Legal Education Committee, which took “the practice of training of excellent legal talents and clinic legal education and its popularization” as its theme, were held in Shanghai on November 2-3, 2019. Dr. Liu Chenqi, an assistant research fellow at the Litigation Law Department of CASS Law Institute and the former secretary-general of China Clinic Legal Education Committee, attended the conference and the forum. In a speech given at the forum, she summarized the teaching practice of and explorations made by the Legal Clinic under the JM program of CASS Law Institute in the past 15 years, and shared, in the form of empirical research report, with other participants of the forum the experience of the clinic in the standardization and localization of clinic legal education in the past five years and put forward some suggestions on the improvement of clinic legal education in China with respect to the set up of courses, teaching method and teaching staff construction.