Professor Chen Jie and Professor Xi Yuemin Attend the Annual Conference of China Commercial Law Society

The Annual Conference of China Commercial Law Society and the Seminar on Legal Issues relating to Family Trust were held in Lanzhou City, Gansu Province on August 18, 2019. The event was sponsored by China Commercial Law Society and organized by the School of Civil and Commercial Law of Gansu University of Political Science and Law. The seminar, aimed at carrying out comprehensive and in-depth discussions on various legal challenges faced by family trust and providing legislative proposals and knowledge reserve for the for the design of family trust institution in China, was attended by over 180 experts and scholars from various universities, research institutions, and law firms both in China and abroad, including two scholars from CASS Law Institute: Professor Chen Jie, the head of the Commercial Law Department, and Professor Xi Yuemin, the head of the Economic Law Department and the Vice Dean of the Law Faculty of CASS Graduate School. At the seminar, Professor Chen Jie presided over the session on Special Issues of Family Trust and Professor Xi Yuemin presided over the session on the Chinese Practice of Family Trust.