Scholars of CASS Institute of International Law Attend the Colloquium on International Law in the Changing World: the Role of Developing Countries


“The Colloquium on International Law in the Changing World: the Role of Developing Countries” was held in Beijing on July 29, 2019. The colloquium was attended by over 300 representatives, including legal officials and diplomats from more than 80 developing countries, as well as such international organizations as the International Court of Justice, International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea, and Asian-African Legal Consultative Organization.

State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi sent a congratulatory letter to the colloquium, in which he pointed out that developing countries should make joint efforts to strengthen, respect and adhere to international law to push forward mutual respect, equity, justice and cooperation.

Abdulqawi Ahmed Yusuf, President of the International Court of Justice, pointed out in a speech given the colloquium that it is important that exchange and cooperation among nations be devoid of coercion or threat, and should be anchored on the rule of law at the international level, and on peaceful and consensual dispute settlement. 

At the colloquium, the participants carry out in-depth discussions around such topics as the challenges faced by the current international order and international law and the role played by developing countries in the adoption, implementation and development of international law.

An eight-member delegation of CASS Institute of International Law, including Director Mo Jihong, Deputy Director Liu Huawen, Professor Wang Hanling, Professor Hao Luyi, Professor Liu Huanhuan, Professor He Tiantian, Professor Fu Panfeng and Professor Ma Jinxing, attended the colloquium. Professor Liu Huawen presided over the speech and discussion at the second unit of the colloquium.