Feng Rui

Feng Rui, female, born January 1942 in Wuhan City, Hubei Province; Research fellow, CASS; professor, CASS Graduate School; member, China National Committee for the Wellbeing of the Youth; and member of Executive Council, Chinese Society for Juvenile Delinquency Prevention.



September 1961-July 1965, undergraduate student, Law Faculty, Hubei University (now Zhongnan University of Economics and Law);

September 1986-July 1997: studied French language at the Training Department, Beijing Foreign Studies University

Work Experience:

August 1961-March 1972: Teacher, Huadong College of Political Science and Law;

April 1972-February 1978: Teacher, Faculty of Philosophy, Fudan University;

March 1978-now: researcher, Criminal Law Department, CASS Law Institute;

March 1994-September 1994: visiting scholar, Law School, Université Paris Sud (11);

Main publications

1.Reform of the Contemporary Criminal Law in China, main author, Social Sciences Documentation Publishing House, 1991;

2.Juvenile Delinquency and Juvenile Justice, main author, World Knowledge Publishing House, 1992;

3.Drug-Related Crimes in China and Foreign Countries, main author, Social Sciences Documentation Publishing House, 1993;

4.Human Rights Construction in China, main author, Sichuan People's Publishing House, 1994;

5.The Market Economy and the Perfection of the Criminal Law, editor-in-chief, China People's Public Security University Press, 1996;

6.Revision and Supplementation of the Chinese Criminal Law, main author and final editor, China Prosecution Publishing House, 1997;

7.Determination and Punishment of Unit Crime in the New Criminal Law, main author, China Prosecution Publishing House, 1998;

8.Determination and Punishment of Unit Crimes, main author, China People's Public Security University Press, 1998;

9.Studies on Issues of International Criminal Law, main author, Renmin University of China Press, 2000;

10.New Theory on Economic Criminal Law, main author, Masses Publishing House, 2001.