Cui Qinzhi

Cui Qinzhi, female, research fellow at CASS Law Institute; doctoral supervisor, supervisor of post-doctoral researchers; main research areas: commercial law, basic economic theories; company law, and securities law.


Professor Cui Qinzhi has participated in many research projects funded by State Social Sciences Foundation and CASS Academy-level projects, such as Basic Theory and Practice of Economic Law, Research on Company Law, and Theory and Practice of Commercial Law in China; she has also participated in the implementation of UNDP project 'Research on the Governance of Listed Companies in China'.

Professor Cui has co-authored over 20 books, published more than 60 articles; participated in the drafting of many laws and administrative regulations, including the Company Law, the Regulations on the Implementation of the Law on Chinese Foreign Coorperative Venture, the Law on People's Bank of China, and the Regulations on State-owned Holding Companies.

Main Publications


1.Outline Commentary on the Law on Industrial Planning, co-authored with Professor Wang Baoshu, Beijing: Shishi Publishing House, 1985;

2.Economic Law in a Nutshell, co-author, Beijing: China Financial and Economic Publishing House, 1988;

3.Introduction to Enterprise Law, co-authored with Professor Wang Baoshu, Worker's Publishing House, 1988;

4.Business Law, co-authored with Professor Wang Baoshu and Professor Yuan Jianguo, Beijing: Law Press China, 1990;

5.Chinese Company Law, co-authored with Professor Wang Baoshu, China Worker's Publishing House, 1995;

6.Commercial Law in China, co-editor-in-chief and co-author, People's Court Publishing House, 1996;

7.Introduction to Economic Law, co-author, China Economics Publishing House, 1997;

8.Modern Japanese Law, co-author, Law Press China, 1998;

9.Theory of Economic Law, co-author, Social Sciences Documentation Publishing House, 1999;

10.Studies on Social Security Law, co-author, Law Press China, 2000;

11.Theory of Chinese Company Law (revised edition), co-authored with Professor Wang Baoshu, Social Sciences Documentation Publishing House, 2006;

12.Studies on the Development of Commercial Law in China, co-authored, Social Sciences Documentation Publishing House, 2008;

13.Introduction to Chinese Enterprise Law, (Japanese Language), co-authored with Professor Wang Baoshu, Koyo Shobo Publishing Company, 1998;

14.Introduction to Chinese Company Law, co-authored with Prof. Wang Baoshu and Prof. Wang Jiafu, Koyo Shobo Publishing Company, 1998


1.Business Management Right of State-owned Enterprises: A New Type of Property Right, (1984) 4, Legal Science Quarterly;

2.The Legal Status of the Managers of State-owned Enterprises, co-authored with Wang Baoshu, (1994) 5, Studies in Law;

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6.Hodling and Transfer of Enterprise Legal Person Share, (1993) 4 Studies in Law.

7.Basic Principles of Company Law in China, (1994) 4 Law Science Magazine;

8.Exploration of Issues relating to the Initiator of Companies Limited by Shares, (1995) 4 Law Science Magazine;

9.Exploration on Acqusition, (1996) 4 Law Science Magazine;

10.Rational Analysis of the Structure of Corporate Governance in China, (1999) 2 Law and Social Development;

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14.Enterprises' Credit and Banks' Risk, (2002) 2 Journal of Harbin College of Economic Management;

15. Several Measures for Ensuring the Safety of Commercial Bank Loans, (2003) 4 Law Science Magazine;

16.On the Environment of Fair Market Competition, (2005) 4 Gansu Social Sciences;

17.On the Jurisprudence and Legal Regulation of Maintenance of Company Assets, in Forum of Economic Law, vol.3, 2005;

18.Improving the Structure for the Governance of Legal Persons and Raising the Efficiency of Corporate Operation, in Journal of CASS, 29 December 2005;

19.Government Intervention in Finance and the Prevention of Financial Risks, in Beijing Society of Economic Law (ed.), Prevention and Diversion of Financial Risks, 2007;