Li Honglei

Li Honglei, male, born in 1976, a native of Jiangsu Province; began to work for CASS Law Institute in July 2003; currently an association research fellow at the CASS Law Institute and associate professor and advisor of graduate students at CASS Graduate School; part-time research fellow at Soft Law Research Center of the Law School of Peking University; research fellow, Shanghai Institute of Finance and Law; specially invited research fellow and member of Academic Committee Research Center for the Construction of Political Civilization of Beijing Municipality; specially invited research fellow, Research Institute of the People's Congress System (Beijing); executive editor-in-chief, Legal Works Translation Series: Public Law (Renmin University of China Press; member of the Editorial Committee, Blue Book on the Rule of Law; council member, Research Committee on Constitutional Law of China Law Society; visiting scholar, London School of Economics and Political Science (2007); post-doctoral researcher on applied economics, CASS Law Institute (2004-2007); Ph.D. in Law, Peking University; LL.M. China University of Political Science and Law (2000); bachelor of law (1997); worked for the Office of State Law, the Legislative Affairs Commission of the NPC Standing Committee between June 2004 and May 2005; participated in the investigation and research in major projects organized by the General Office of the CPC Central Committee (Oct.-Dec. 2006); assisted in the handling of administrative petition cases at the Administrative Division of the Supreme People's Court (Apr.-Aug. 1999); assistant professor, Macau University of Science and Technology (Sept.- Nov. 2002); editor, Peking University Law Reivew (2001-2003); executive editor, Administrative Law Review (2003); project leader of the following research projects: 'Legal Person in Public Law and Reform of Public Organizations in China', a National Social Sciences Fundation project; 'Construction of Rule of Law and Legal Theories' a project sponsored by the Ministry of Justice; 'Legal Forms of the Subjects of Public Functions', a project sponsored by China Law Society; 'Research on Professional Code of Conduct for Lawyers', a project funded by Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs; 'Research on the Reform of Local Governments in China', a project funded by Cato Institute of U.S.; participated in over a dozen ministerial-level or international cooperation research projects and the investigation and consultation work in the drafting and amendment of the Law on Civil Servants, the Supervision Law, the Anti-Secession Law, the Organic Law of Local Governments and many other laws; winner of many prizes and awards, including second prize for excellent decision-making information awarded by CASS; the title of ten excellent teachers awarded by CASS Law Institute; Research Fund for Excellent Young Scholars granted by Peking University; first prize for excellent articles awarded by China University of Political Science and Law; author of many articles on the subjects of the principle of trust protection, legal interpretation, administrative subjects, administrtaive discretion, administrative legislation, and adminisrative reconsideration in such academic journals as Chinese Journal of Law, Global Law Review, Legal Philosophy and Sociology of Law, Xuehai, Administrative Law Review, China University of Political Science and Law Review, Public Law Research, Legislation Research, Reference for Leaders, Legal Daily, People's Courts Daily; editor-in-chief of Teaching Cases on Administrative Law and Administrative Procedure Law; deputy editor-in-chief, Judicialization of Administrative Reconsideration: Theory, Practice and Reform; deputy editor-in-chief, Commentary on Provisions of the Supreme People's Court on Several Issues Relating to Evidences in Administrative Litigation; co-editor, of Contemporary Chinese Administrative Law, Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, Studies on Administrative Law Enforcement, Studies on Legislation on Administrative Procedure, From Classic Thoughts to Modern Political System: Lectures on Law, Politics and Philosophy; co-translator, Regulation and Its Reform by Stephen Breyer.


      Current research areas

comparative administrative law, administrative reform and administrative organic law, citizen and republicanism.