The 9th CASS Forum:International Symposium on Rule of Law


The 9th CASS ForumInternational Symposium on Rule of Law, sponsored by CASS and organized by CASS Law Institute, was held in Beijing on November 14-15, 2019. The forum, which took “Chinese Civil Code in the New Era” as the theme, was attended by over 40 experts and scholars from universities and research institutions in China, Finland, Germany, Italy, Canada, Russia, and Poland.

At the opening ceremony, presided over by Prof. Chen Guoping, Deputy Director of CASS Institute of Law, opening speeches were given by Prof. Chen Su, a member of CASS of the Director of CASS Institute of Law, and Prof. Thomas Knut Johannes Wilhelmsson, former Rector of Helsinki University, Finland. 

At the forum, which was divided into six sessions, the participants gave speeches and carried out discussions on a wide range of issues around the following six topics: New Developments of the Civil Code, Property Law in the Civil Code, Contract Law in Civil Code, Tort Law in Civil Code, Relationship between Civil Law and Commercial Law, and Relationship between Civil Law and Labor Law/Environmental Law.

At the closing ceremony, presided by Prof. Xie Zengyi, Director of Department of Research Coordination and International Cooperation, CASS Institute of Law, closing remarks were made by Prof. Sun Xianzhong, a member of CASS and a research fellow at CASS Institute of Law, Prof. Pietro Sirena, Dean of School of Law at Bocconi University, Italy, and Prof. Chen Guoping, Deputy Director of CASS Institute of Law.