The Third Lecture of the Legal Innovation Forum in 2019 Held at CASS Law Institute

Third Lecture of the Legal Innovation Forum of CASS Law Institute and CASS Institute of International Law in 2019 was successfully held at the conference room of the two institutes on the morning of October 8, 2019. The lecture, entitled “Exploration in the System of Pre-registration of Trademarks”, was given by Guan Yuying, Head of the Intellectual Property Department of CASS Law Institute. It was presided over by Professor Li Mingde, a research fellow at the Department and attended by over 60 people, including researchers of the CASS Institute of Law and CASS Institute of International Law and students from the Law Faculty of CASS Graduate School. Three other researchers of the Intellectual Property Law Department - Associate Research Fellow Yang Yanchao, Associate Research Fellow Li Judan, and Assistant Research Fellow Zhang Peng, served as commentators at the lecture. In the lecture, Professor Guan discussed the current trend of development of trademark application system in China, the essence of trademark right, the emergence of the trademark registration system and defects exposed in its practical operation in China, and put forward suggestions on the improvement of the law and the solutions to the problems. Four specially invited experts, Mr. Dong Baolin, the former chairman of the Expert Committee of China Trademark Association, Mr. Huang Hui, a partner at Wanhuida Intellectual Property Law Firm, Professor Du Ying from the Central University of Finance and Economics, and Ms. Hu Anqi, Head of the Department of Treaties and Laws of National Intellectual Property Administration, attended the lecture and each made a comment on the current trademark registration system in China and the pre-registration system proposed by Professor Guan Yuying.