The China-Latin American Forum on the International Rule of Law Held in Beijing

The China-Latin American Forum on the International Rule of Law was held in Beijing on September 21, 2019. The forum was sponsored by CASS Institute of International Law and co-organized by the Center for Publicity and Education of the Rule of Law and Public Law Studies, CASS Institute of Law, Legal Application Bureau, China Democracy and Law Press, Social Sciences Academic Press (China) and Beijing Yingke Law Firm, and attended by over 60 experts and scholars from various universities, research institutions and government organs from China, Peru, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Argentina, Croatia and Germany.

At the opening ceremony, presided over by Professor Mo Jihong, Director of CASS Institute of International Law, Professor Li Peilin, Vice Chairperson of the Social Development Affairs Committee of Chinese National People's Congress, Academy Member of CASS, Mr. MA Yuan, Director General of CASS Bureau of Scientific Research Management, Mr. XIE Shouguang, President of Social Sciences Academic Press (China), Prof. CHEN Guoping, Secretary of the Joint Party Committee of the CASS Institute of Law and the Institute of International Law, Prof. Hector Arturo Oropeza García, National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico, and Ms. YANG Lin, Global Partner, Beijing Yingke Law Firm, each made an opening remark.

At the keynote speech session of the forum, Prof. Cesar Landa, Pontifical Catholic University of Peru, Former President of Peruvian Constitutional Court, Peru, gave a speech entitled “The Duties of the Inter-American Human Rights Court in the Protection of Human Rights”; Prof. YUAN Dongzhen, Deputy Director of CASS Institute of Latin America, gave a speech entitled “A New Starting Point of China-Latin America Cooperation: Favorable Conditions and Institutional Constraints”; and Prof. LIU Huawen, Deputy Director of CASS Institute of International Law, gave a speech on “Human Rights Protection during the past 70 Years in the People’s Republic of China”. In the five sessions that followed, the participants gave speeches and carried out discussions on various issues around the following topics: China-Latin America Cooperating to Build Community of Shared Future for Mankind; China-Latin America Human Rights Outlook and Human Rights Protection; the Belt and Road Initiative and China-Latin America Legal Exchanges; China-Latin America Joint to Uphold the Law-based International Order and their Roles; and China-Latin America Joint to Promote the Reform of International Economic Order.

During the forum, a ceremony was held for the launch of the hardcover edition of the book series “Towards the Prosperity of International Law Studies: Collected Works in Celebration of the Tenth Anniversary of the Establishment of CASS Institute of International Law”, which was published by Social Sciences Academic Press in celebration of the tenth anniversary of the establishment of CASS Institute of International Law. The book series consists of six volumes: the Volume of Public International Law, the Volume of Private International Law; the Volume on International Economic, the Volume on International Human Rights Law, the Volume of the Chinese Review of International Law, and the English Volume. It is a collection of carefully selected research results by scholars of the Institute, including many influential papers published in CRIL. By reviewing the journey taken by Institute since its establishment and displaying its current styles and features, it is a brief summarization of the development of the Institute, as well as a demonstration of a firm determination of the Institute to make even more splendid achievements in the future.