The High-end Forum on the Business Environment, Legal Risks and Legal Services in Countries along the “Belt and Road” (2019) Held in Beijing

The High-end Forum on the Business Environment, Legal Risks and Legal Services in Countries along the Belt and Road (2019), sponsored by CASS Law Institute and the Center for Private Law Studies of CASS Law Institute, was held in Beijing on July 28, 2019. At the forum, legal scholars and experts in the field of Belt and Road and persons-in-charge of legal affairs departments of relevant enterprises carried out discussions on issues relating to the business environment, legal risks and legal services in countries along the Belt and Road as well as corresponding countermeasures and development prospects in these areas.


The participants of the forum held that, with the construction of the Belt and Road, Chinese enterprises will face more and more legal risks, technological barriers and trade frictions in carrying out trade and investment in countries along the Belt and Road. How to strengthen the construction of legal safeguards, provide stable legal environment, effectively reduce various kinds of legal risks, and explore the future direction of legal cooperation and innovation have become important tasks of legal service circle and industrial circle in China. At the forum, they carried out discussions of various issues in these fields.

Also at the forum, The Legal Service Platform for Investment and Trade in Countries along the Belt and Road  a specialized investment and trade legal service database product, was introduced. The platform consists of seven modules: frontline theories database, national situation database, foreign laws and regulations database, Chinese policies and regulations database, international cooperation database, typical cases database, and dispute prevention and resolution database. It aims at providing good intellectual support and decision-making services to relevant entities in the process of investment and trade in countries along the Belt and Road.

Under the forum, six sub-forums, including Energy and Mining Industries, Logistic and Trade, Information Technology, Culture and Education, Engineering Construction and Banking and Finance, had been set up. The participants at these sub-forums carried out in-depth explorations of issues relating to the investment and trade in the Belt and Road countries in these six areas and put forward corresponding countermeasures.