The Expert Meeting on Draft Community Correction Law Held at CASS Law Institute

The Expert Meeting on Draft Community Correction Law was held at the conference room of CASS Law Institute on July 16, 2019. Community correction is a major measure taken by China for improving the system of execution of criminal punishment, implementing the criminal policy of tempering justice with mercy, advancing the modernization of state governance system and capacity. Recently, the Draft Community Correction Law of the PRC has been submitted to the Eleventh Meeting of the Standing Committee of the Thirteenth National People’s Congress for deliberation and published to solicit opinions from the general public.

Meanwhile, the Legislative Affairs Commission of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress has also sent an official letter to CASS Law Institute to solicit the opinions of the experts of the institute on the draft law. For this purpose, the Criminal Law Department of CASS Law Institute organized an expert meeting on the improvement of the Draft Law. The meeting was attended by some criminal law and criminal procedure law experts of the Institute and presided by Professor Liu Renwen, Head of the Criminal Law Department. At the meeting the participants put forward constructive opinions on the macro-positioning, the structure, and the concrete provisions of the draft law. After the meeting, the opinions and suggestions put forward by the participants will be compiled into a special report and submitted to the legislative organ for its reference.